Microsoft HoloLens – Future Is Here

Microsoft HoloLens

Microsoft HoloLens

Reporting from Imagine Cup finals at Microsoft Head Office Redmond, Seattle, WA. Yesterday I was fortunate enough to walk in the Microsoft HoloLens Academy! Yeah! It was like jumping into a science fiction.

As Microsoft says “Microsoft HoloLens is the first fully untethered, see-through holographic computer. It enables high-definition holograms to come to life in your world, seamlessly integrating with your physical places, spaces, and things. We call this experience mixed reality. Holograms mixed with your real world will unlock all-new ways to create, communicate, work, and play.”

It’s more than augmented reality. HoloLens was announced back in January. Microsoft is still putting together to enhance the user experience of it.

Satya Nadella, CEO Microsoft said “think of it as Kinect++, and then square it”:D That was his explanation on this cool device.

I walked into the HoloLens academy to see some magic. 😀 It was restricted to carry the electronic devices, mobiles almost NOTHING to the academy. Company policies 😉 But I was not disappointed.

First thing I saw was a set of computers running Windows 10 on desks. Turned around. Then the HoloLens. Thing that is more like a device that we’ve seen in science fictions.

It was not hard to wear the device. Though it was bit…. Heavy (am sure Microsoft will solve this tiny issue). No wires attached & it was able to create holograms that is perfectly blended with my surrounded environment.


Microsoft HoloLens Experience

Think of a minecraft game with augmented reality. The characters running on your own room floor… on your sofa! That’s mind blowing guys. I bet, with Microsoft HoloLens the gaming culture will go for a new era. Gamers will love to get their surroundings to the gaming environment.

Designers and researchers will get the ability to interact with the virtual reality objects that they have created with the gestures. So unlimited freedom to use a 3D canvas!

The first experience of me with this cool gadget was a little red jeep that will come to the place where you gaze at! Then 2 paper balls rolling on the actual floor that follows all the physics laws.

So guys, programming for HoloLens.. Yeah it’s not rocket science. Keep your eyes and polish your skills with Unity Game Engine. 😉 It’ll help you to get into the pool!

Keep calm… You’ll experience the magic! 😀