8 Things you can try when you get bored on weekdays


Boredom.jpgWe all wait for Fridays! Chill out in the eve… hangout with besties … roam… shopping… sleep for long hours… relax… many more…

Despite how your office is exciting and even if you have funniest office buddies, obviously at some point you should have a feeling like… “Why weekdays are such boring!”

This happens because we all are stick with the same routine all days. Get on to the bus/train on the same time… walking on the same route… eating from the same food spot… come out from the office at the same time… then you get bored!

Here are some tips to try out with low cost or no cost on a weekday eve to change your normal boring routine.

  1. Change your way of traveling

routes_3If you travel by bus to home or boarding place all days after work, why not trying the train? At least for a short distance. You’ll meet new travel buddies and stories. Your Cinderella might be there too 😉

  1. Walk… as long as you could…


One thing I hate is the traffic after the office time. Fully packed snail busses make me so bored!! Walk… that’s the solution! Get off from the office then walk towards your home. You’ll able to save 10-20 rupees from your bus fare. Use a short cut where busses are too large to squeeze. Google maps may help you here. You’ll be able to skip your gym session for a day and have a good breeze without AC!

TIP- ladies put your heels into the bag and put on your slippers. Your boss is not on the road!

  1. Use alternate routes

short cutGoing on the same route make us robots! So use alternate routes. Sometimes you may have to spend few more minutes on the road. Maybe on crowded bus halts… tuk tuks… but trust me. It’s something worth to try! A small adventure is better than nothing!

  1. Click click click

Smartphone camera street photography reviewYou don’t have to go for a beach or safari to get great clicks! Imagine the streets as your studio. Get your smartphone out & try different angles of the buildings. Sky… road signs… men… women… litter… anything! Create some art with it. Post on insta! Ta da!!

If you have a DSLR, get that giant out! Beware of the security guards of the high secure zones and shopping malls!

  1. Be a food adventurer!

General Economy Images As Rajan Turns Round The Rupee After Just A Month In Office

If you tasting the same food from the same place always, you don’t have a taste tongue or it is dead! So try different food from different places. There may be some delicious dishes in the nearest small “Bath Kade”! If you afraid of putting new things into your digesting system use “Siddalepa asamodagam” after the meal!

  1. Explore your office and surrounding.

service_elevator_and_attendent_by_squedestock.jpgHave you ever checked what’s outside to your cubical and where’s the service elevator of your tower? For me looking for the spots that few uses is fun! Try a tide in your service elevator! It may sound weird! But try it. Peep from the backdoor. There might be a friendly car waiting to be your companion.

  1. See the sea

Three ladies watch the sea in Teignmouth.

If you working in a coastal city like Colombo, going for the sea, maximum by a 30mins ride is easy. So try it. Yeah alone… sea will heal you… She may get all your sufferings…

  1. Greet strangers

234171_5_You are meeting hell a lot of people regularly. In the elevator… road… break that awkward elevator silence. Do say them good morning! Treat with a good smile. Cost you nothing. But he/she may grab you for lunch next day!

See how can some tiny things can change your boring routine! 🙂



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